About Consumer Grievance

CREDAI makes a conscious effort to protect the interst of buyers. CREDAI has established a CONSUMBER GRIEVANCE REDERESSAL FORUM in October 2012, where an aggrieved buyer can register a complaint against CREDAI member developer.

By translating investor interest protection into a mechanism, the apex body of real estate developers resolves consumer complaints expeditiously and prompts bestselling practice amongst the developer fraternity.

This is the first of its kind initiative, that aligns the interest of consumers with the member builders. The self-regulation of the industry in terms of standards of delivery vis-à-vis commitment will build trust among present/ prospective buyers, the government and the media. All chapters at city and state level have accepted the self-regulation norm and have been settling consumer greivances through their Redressal Forums, though the exact details may vary slightly from chapter to chapter.


  • To protect consumer in case of genuine grievance against developers.

  • To promote litigation -free healthy business environment in real estate sector.

  • To create healthy relationship between developers and their consumers.

  • To self-regulate as far as possible.

  • To eradicate unscrupulous practices from real estate business and improve its veracity, stature and public image.


  • It is to be noted that CGRF shall function neither as quasi-judicial nor as an arbitrator but only as a mediator.

  • The Secretariat of Association shall admit the grievance in writing from consumer against any member of the association only.

  • The CGRF shall seek comments from the member against whom the grievance has been admitted.

  • The concerned member shall be required to respond to CGRF in respect of the grievance within 21 working days.

  • On receipt of the comments from member, CGRF shall send the same to the complainant.

  • If the complainant is not satisfied with the reply of the member, the CGRF shall hear both sides initially separately and independent of the other and, if necessary, later, together at a joint meeting of both parties.

  • The joint meeting may not be required if the consumer accepts what CGRF conveys to him/her/it after having spoken to the parties separately as stated in point no.6 above and, having conveyed the concerns and solutions, and, if both the parties continue coordinating and sorting the issue of grievance. If this does not happen, CGRF shall try to mediate putting certain modalities acceptable to both the sides and shall prescribe certain time frame for closure of the case as may be suitable to both sides.

  • If deemed necessary, the CGRF shall carry out inspection at site.

  • CGRF shall make its oral observations and shall try to get them accepted by both parties. It shall record minutes of settlement and in absence of settlement, shall issue observations after hearing both sides and shall close the matter.

  • The grievance once resolved shall not be entertained on complaint from same parties again.

  • If no communication from complainant is received within a period of three months from the date of admitting the respective grievance in respect of issues which have been once resolved, CGRF shall not take up the issues again.

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