Eligibility Criteria

  • Should have a registered office in Chennai with statutory registrations.

  • Company should be in existence for minimum 3 years

  • Should execute a code of conduct

  • Should have constructed & delivered 2.00 Lakh Sq. Ft. in Chennai.

  • Should be proposed and seconded by two existing members of CREDAI of three years standing.

  • If applicant is a CREDAI member in other states having completed construction & delivery of 2.00 Lakh Sq. Ft. in that state is eligible.

  • Consortium of members from other chapter who have individually completed the required 2.0 lakh Sq. Ft. But as a new entity has not completed the required 2.0 lakh Sq. Ft. are eligible for membership

  • Promoters who have been partners of other companies which has completed 2.0 lakh Sq. Ft., but the new venture yet to meet the norms ( has only ongoing projects) The promoter should have 30% share holding and should be actively involved in business and construction should have commenced.

  • A promoter who has completed 3 to 4 SPV (different names) totaling 2.0 lakh Sq. Ft. and has an ongoing project under a different name (with sanctions and approvals) can apply for membership, if the original SPV is closed or the holding Company is a member

  • A promoter who has completed 1 lakh Sq. Ft. and has good track record with ongoing projects for another 2 lakhs (with approval and sanction) is eligible for membership.

  • A promoter who has done only stilt +1, stilt+ 2, Villas,  but has completed 2.0 Lakhs Sq. Ft. is eligible, subject to he has done group development of a minimum 1 to 2 acres in the same compound with single approval.

  • One time admission fee of Rs. 3.00 lakh + S.T. and Annual subscription of Rs. 50000/- + S.T. to be paid along with the application.

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